French Door Blinds

What's The Best French Door Window Coverings?

If you’re looking for a solution for your French Doors, how do you know which window treatments will work best?

French doors can be an attractive feature in a room letting in natural light and creating a view to the outside. French Doors come in different formats so it’s important to choose a window covering style that works with your door type and meets your practical needs for light control, privacy and of course, style.

That's why made to measure is the best direction as you'll get a style and fit that's perfect for your door configuration.

Are you interested in French door window treatments? Your local Luxaflex® retailer can guide you through the options but here's some ideas to get you started;

French Door Blind Ideas

Roller Blinds for French Doors

High traffic kitchens need a durable and practical window treatments as spills and sticky fingers can be common place if you have children or pets.

Stylish, child safe Roller Blinds are a great choice to softly filter light and provide privacy, plus the moisture and stain resistant options make cleaning easy.

Depending how to choose to operate you window treatment, you'll always have easy access to the door opening and closing function.

French Door Shutters

Shutters add style style and elegance with practical features for light and privacy for doors.

All our shutters are precisely measured to fit your French Door style and any complex window shapes you may have in other windows in your room. From Wood Shutters to moisture resistant options, you'll enjoy a timeless look to frame your doors beautifully.

Window Treatments for Bedroom French Doors

Duette® Blinds are perfect for bedroom French Doors as you can enjoy natural light during the day and instantly reduce the light for a good night’s sleep.

And the unique honeycomb design traps the air to maintain comfortable temperatures - cool in summer & warm in winter - which means the whole family sleeps better!

Fitting neatly into the door frame, you can open your Duette® Blinds from the top or the bottom and move them to the exact position you want for privacy and light control.

Plus Duette® Blinds come in an incredible range of colours and patterns with room darkening options that work with every décor style.

Dining Room French Door Blinds

The sleek look of a Roller Blind is great choice for dining room French doors as they roll up neatly when you want to fully open your doors, plus they help manage glare and heat.

Available in gorgeous, durable fabrics, including moisture-resistant, stain proof and room darkening options for easy living and maintenance.

No Drill French Door Blinds

If you have new French doors consider our FrameFix™ or TruFit® solution, designed for uPVC and wood windows, without drilling the frame.

This means the window treatments become an integral part of door, so you can open and close your door normally without affecting the operation of your blind.

This is an ideal solution for French Doors, windows and conservatories, and is available with our Roller, Venetian, Duette® and Plisse blinds.

French Door Blinds for the Best View

Love your French Door View?

To enjoy your view to the max, choose our Top Down-Bottom Up solution. This special design lets you move your blind anywhere from the top, the bottom, or somewhere in-between for the perfect balance of view, privacy and light control. Move your blind with the touch of your finger or with smart home control for the ultimate convince.

Top Down-Bottom Up is available with Venetian Blinds, Duette® and Plisse Shades.

You can see how this work at your local Luxaflex ® retailer

French Door Blinds for Privacy

If your home is overlooked by neighbouring properties, French Door Vertical Blinds are a great solution for privacy and light control. Designed with individual louvres, there is virtually no limit to how wide they can be.

Fitting neatly into the recess or wall, you can control the light with an easy to use wand or smart home controls. And choose from a range of super stylish fabrics and metallic looks.

Crafted to fit angled, bay and unequal heights, our Vertical styles come in a range of slat widths to flatter the proportions and shape of your doors and coordinating windows.

How to Measure & Install French Door Window Treatments?

Every French Door will have its quirks.

That's why accurately measuring and installing window treatments is critical, but can be daunting task. But don’t worry as your Luxaflex® retailer will take all that stress away.

Once you’ve shortlisted your product, they will visit your home to assess your windows, check important details like light or privacy needs and then measure everything precisely.

It’s an important step as accurate measurements ensure a perfect installation for proper fit and function.

Get Expert Advice

From selecting materials and colours to expert measurement and installation, our specialist retailers will help you create the perfect window treatments for your doors and windows.

Find a Luxaflex® retailer near you to get started.