Plissé Shades

Made to measure - Plissé Shades - Fits every window shape - Exclusive patterns - Smart home control

Made to Measure Plisse Shades
Pleated Blinds

Designed for Modern Living

At Luxaflex® we appreciate the demands of today’s homes, and just how unique those demands can be.

It’s this variety of window shapes, light control, privacy needs, and your personal style, that influenced our exciting range of Plissé Shades.

The simple beauty of the pleat creates our most enduring and versatile window blind style. From crisp, minimal white to on-trend designs, Plissé Shades can be a discreet, refined backdrop or a bold focal point for your home.

Stylish Plissé Shades blend perfectly with virtually any window shape with exclusive looks and smart home control too.

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Plissé Shades Inspiration Gallery

Living Room Plissé Shades
Fabrics for every need

What rooms are best for pleated blinds?

Stylish and elegant for every room from the kitchen to the living room and bedrooms, when you raise your pleated blinds they form a neat stack to give you a view of the outside. When closed, enjoy softly filtered light or room darkening, depending on your fabric choice or needs.

Beautifully crafted, our pleated blinds feature the latest colours and design trends with luxurious textures that bring every window to life.

Plisse Shades for Shaped Windows
Pleated Blinds

Looks for Shaped Windows?

We all enjoy making our homes unique and that can include unusually shaped windows. At Luxaflex® our range of stylish Pleated blinds fit almost every window shape and size - so you don't need to sacrifice your individual style.

From the smallest opening to huge expanses of picture windows to roof windows and conservatories, tilt & turn or bi-fold doors, our pleated blinds fit perfectly with a custom-made fit.

Pleated Skylight Blinds
Pleated Blinds for Skylights

Day and Night Control

If you've invested in a skylight or Velux® window, you'll know that too much light or heat from the sun can make the space uncomfortable. Our made-to-measure Plisse® Day and Night Shades fit all Velux® and other leading skylight window brands.

By combining two fabrics in one blind, you can enjoy natural light without glare, instantly create extra privacy, darken a bedroom or reduce glare when watching TV.

Best of all, you can coordinate your regular windows and skylight windows in the same colour and pattern.

Great for any room, but ideal for multipurpose rooms and bedrooms.

Plisse Shades Top Down - Bottom Up
Solutions for privacy and light control in one

Top Down -Bottom Up

Do you live on a road where your windows are overlooked? Or do you require privacy but still need the light within the room?

Most window blinds rise up from the bottom of the window letting the light in but can also expose your home to passers-by or neighbours looking in. But don’t worry as our Top-down -Bottom-up pleated blinds can meet all your privacy needs while still giving you access to natural light.

Top-Down - Bottom-Up control blinds let you decide how much or how little, privacy and light control you need in every room from the bathroom to the living room. Just move your blind to the perfect position for your needs.

Plisse Shades with PowerView® Automation

Smart Home Living - PowerView® Automation

Our PowerView® Automation system lets you schedule your pleated blinds to open and close on their own, at any time of the day, with an app, remote control, or the sound of your voice. Best of all, PowerView® is compatible with smart home systems like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more...

Made to measure Plisse Shades

Easy to Use Operating Choices

Our choice of operating systems includes our cordless Light Rise® and Smart Cord® solutions that prioritise child safety and smooth operation. Your local Luxaflex® retailer will help you choose the right option for your home.

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At your local Luxaflex® showroom, you can get expert advice on the right pleated blind for your home. Be inspired too with a wide range of stunning colours and designs in life-size displays.

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