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Where can I see product colours and fabrics on the website?

You can see your favourite window treatments up close—in a selection of colours fabrics and materials on the product page;

To see the full range of options visit your local Luxaflex® showroom.

Please note that due to the nature of printers, scanners, computer monitors, and internet browsers, there will be variations in the colour, texture, detail, contrast and brightness.

The best way to get a feel for each colour and fabric is by visiting a local Luxaflex® showroom in person.

Where can I learn more about new products Luxaflex has introduced recently?

New Luxaflex® products are often featured on the homepage of this website.

Recent Luxaflex® product introductions include Pirouette Shades Duette® Shades and Roman Blinds.

Where can I learn more about sustainable Luxaflex® products?

Making a Positive Difference

At Luxaflex® we continuously seek to improve our products and process to support the wider environment and work with leading independent sustainability experts and international standards, so you can enjoy safe and responsible products for your home.

Learn more about our sustainable solutions.

What is “UV protection”?

UV stands for ultraviolet. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very damaging.

It’s important that our products block the sun’s UV rays to protect flooring and furnishings from fading and other types of damage.

UV protection is the measure of the amount of potentially damaging ultraviolet radiation that is blocked by our products. Typically for non-sheer products this is 98% to 99% blockage. Even our sheer products, like Silhouette® Shades can block up to 88% of UV rays with the vanes open.

Where can I learn about Luxaflex® different operating systems?

From child safe manual to motorised and smart home control Luxaflex ® offers a wider range of controls to suit your need and lifestyle.

Visit our Operating Systems page to learn about more..

What does “Design & Craftsmanship” mean when associated with Luxaflex® products?

All Luxaflex® products are designed and custom made in state-of-the-art product development facilities in United Kingdom

Please note that some our commercial products are made outside of United Kingdom. Please visit www.hunterdouglasarchitectural.com for more information about our Contract products.

Does Luxaflex® sell directly to consumers?

Luxaflex® products are unique. Each product we make is truly “one of a kind,” as they are custom made just for you, in our British facility.

To insure that your experience shopping for, and living with your Luxaflex® product is the very best it can be, our brand is only sold through a national network of professionally trained dealers and showrooms.

At a Luxaflex® showroom you will get expert advice including and professional home measuring and installation services are also provided to make sure you get the right product form your home. That is why Luxaflex® branded products are not currently sold online.

What is your exchange policy?

Luxaflex® products are custom made and therefore are not returnable/exchangeable unless defective according to the Luxaflex® warranty. You can, however, discuss options with your dealer who will work to determine possible solutions.

How do I find a Luxaflex® showroom in my area?

Visit our Authorized Luxaflex® Showroom Locator and enter your postcode and you will see list of authorized dealers in your area.

Where can I get a sample of one of your products?

The full range of Luxaflex colours and materials are presented in Luxaflex® sample books. Contact your local Luxaflex® dealer to see sample of your favourite products. Visit our Authorized Dealer Showroom Locator to find a dealer near you.

Where can I find more information about the Luxaflex® Architectural products and Window Coverings?

Visit our Hunter Douglas Contract website for more information.

PowerView® Automation – Frequently Asked Questions

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PowerView® Pebble® Remote and Surface Remote
PowerView® App
PowerView® Hub
PowerView® Repeaters
PowerView® Scene Controller


How do I know if my Luxaflex® window coverings have PowerView® Automation?

Any wireless motorised Luxaflex® window covering manufactured after July 2015 is built with PowerView® Automation. Some exceptions may apply.

Will my PowerView® Pebble® Remote work right out of the box?

No, a shade must first be joined to a group number (1-6) on a PowerView® Pebble® Remote in order to operate using a remote.

Do I need a PowerView® Pebble® Remote or PowerView® Surface Remote to operate my window treatments?

A PowerView® Pebble® Remote or PowerView® Surface Remote is highly recommended in addition to using the PowerView® App. These devices allow for alternate control for individual and groups of shades and are artfully designed to complement any home décor.

Do I need to run wires?

No wiring is necessary for products with PowerView® Automation. Luxaflex® offers a variety of power options including battery and plug-in power supplies to fit any application. Luxaflex® offers 18v D.C. power supply option.

Can I wirelessly control my Luxaflex® motorised shades from my home automation system?

With the addition of the PowerView® Hub, Luxaflex® PowerView® window treatments can be integrated into a home automation system via using IP (Internet protocol). A PowerView® Account is required. Register the Hub after creating a PowerView® Account.

What are the available colors for the PowerView® Pebble®?

The PowerView® Pebble® is available in a variety of on-trend colors and finishes. Black Matte, Citron, Clear Frost, Cobalt, Pewter Frost, Poppy, Ecru, Oyster, Mist and White.


The PowerView® Surface is available in White Matte, Black Matte and Nickel Matte. surface colours

The PowerView® Surface is available in White Matte, Black Matte and Nickel Matte.

surface colours powerview

How long can I expect the batteries to last for my battery-powered motorised window covering?

Battery life for PowerView® Automation window treatments using the AA battery wand exceeds one year, depending on shade size, configuration and usage. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended.

What resources are available to learn more about PowerView®? Where can I find them?

Resources can be found at Installation. The PowerView® page contains the QuickStart Guide and related documents.


What is a PowerView® Shade Network?

PowerView® is a proprietary wireless radio frequency (RF) communication language from Luxaflex®. Similar to the Wi-fi network in your home, the PowerView® Shade Network refers to a unique PowerView® RF ID that allows communication between all the PowerView® devices that share this unique RF ID.

What is pairing to a network?

Pairing refers to joining multiple PowerView® Remotes with each other or with the Hub to form a unified PowerView® Shade Network It is recommended that all PowerView® window coverings and control accessories in the home (Remotes, repeaters, and Hub) be paired to one, unified network so they all communicate using the same PowerView® Shade Network radio frequency (RF) ID.

When should I pair?

It is recommended that Remotes be paired any time there are multiple PowerView® Remotes in a home. Always pair all PowerView® Remotes to one, unified Single Network ID at the beginning of every PowerView® installation. This eliminates problems should the PowerView® Hub be introduced later. If an order comes with the multiple Remotes AND a Hub, pair all remote devices first, then complete the Hub setup procedure as directed through PowerView® App. Doing so will ensure the Hub is paired to the Network ID already established.

Why would all my PowerView® items window coverings and control accessories need to be on the same network?

A consequence of not having all PowerView® window coverings and control accessories on the same network is that a PowerView® Hub only recognizes one PowerView® Shade Network. If a Hub is introduced after you have Grouped shades to one or more remote devices (ex. Pebble® or Surface Remotes) that have not been paired to the same PowerView® Shade Network, then the Hub will be unable to Discover or communicate with all or some of the PowerView® window coverings, Remotes, and/or repeaters in the home. By having one, unified Single Network ID, the PowerView® Hub will be capable of Discovering and communicating with all the PowerView® window coverings and control accessories in the home that are on the network, even if separate Remotes are used to operate different rooms of shades.

How is duplicating a remote different from pairing a remote to another remote?

Duplicating takes all of one remote’s information (Groups, Favorite, and radio frequency PowerView® Shade Network ID) and copies that exact information onto another remote.This allows the user to have multiple, interchangeable Remotes to operate the same Groups of shades, regardless of which remote is used. Pairing, on the other hand, does not copy a remote’s Groups or Favorite information to another remote. Instead, pairing places multiple Remotes on a single, unified PowerView® Shade Network for the home.

PowerView® Pebble® Remote and PowerView® Surface Remote

Can I purchase additional PowerView® Pebbles®, Remotes or Scene Controllers?

Additional PowerView® Pebble® and Surface mounts can be ordered if desired. Remotes and Scene Controllers cannot be ordered individually; they must be ordered either with a Pebble or Surface mount.

What does the Favorite button on the PowerView® Pebble® Remote do?

A Favorite position can be created and set for each of the six group buttons on the PowerView® Pebble® Remote or PowerView® Surface Remote. The Favorite button is a quick and easy way to send shades to a specific, pre-set position. There is one Favorite position per shade that comes pre-set at 50% of the shade’s travel.

How many shades can I control using the PowerView® Pebble® Remote or PowerView® Surface Remote?

A PowerView® Remote can be used to operate six shades individually or hundreds of shades as a group, as long as the shades can receive commands from the remote.

What devices are compatible with the PowerView® App?

The PowerView® App is compatible on Android™ (running version 4.4 and newer) and Apple® (running version 9.0 and newer) mobile devices.

Do I need an Internet connection to set up the PowerView® App to control my window treatments?

No, an Internet connection is not necessary. A home router, however, is required to set up the PowerView® Hub and App via WiFi.

What is RemoteConnect?

RemoteConnect is a standard feature of the PowerView® account that allows users to control their window treatments from outside of the home using data or a Wi-fi connection. To use RemoteConnect open the PowerView® App, create a PowerView® account, then register the Hub.

What is a Room in the PowerView® App?

Rooms allow for custom organization and arrangement of PowerView® shades discovered by the PowerView® App. Once a shade has been discovered in the PowerView® App, it can be assigned to a Room. Within a Room, users can control individual shades or groups of the same shade type by using the product specific slider.

What is a Scene in the PowerView® App?

A Scene is used to operate a single shade or multiple shades assigned to a Room. Shades in a Scene can be programmed to a pre-set position within the window (ex. vanes open or shade fully raised) so that anytime the Scene is activated, the shades will move to their pre-set positions. For example, a Scene called “Goodnight” can be created in which all of the shades in a particular Room move to the closed position when that Scene is activated.

What is a Multi-Room Scene in the PowerView® App?

A Multi-Room Scene is a single Scene that contains multiple Rooms of shades. Activating a Multi-Room Scene will trigger the operation of shades in the Rooms assigned to this Multi-Room Scene.

What is an Automation in the PowerView® App?

An Automation is timed, automatic activation of selected Scenes and Multi-Room Scenes. Users can set a custom schedule for any Automation they create. Once an Automation is set, the user is not required to manually activate it.

Will Automations work even if my mobile device is not at home?

Yes, Automations will continue to operate shades at the set time(s) of day even if the wireless device is not in the home. All scheduling data is stored in the PowerView® Hub.

Do Automations automatically change for Daylight Savings Time?

Yes, Automations update automatically for Daylight Savings Time.

Are there any service fees associated with App features?

Luxaflex® does not charge any additional fees for App updates. For features that use your mobile wireless network, check with your carrier for data rate charges that may apply.

What Wi-fi routers work best with the PowerView® Hub?

The PowerView® Hub is designed to work with consumer-grade Wi-fi routers. However, security settings or special configurations may affect communication with the Hub.

Can I reset or adjust the limits on my PowerView® window covering using the App?

To reset or adjust a window covering’s upper and lower limits using the App, go to the shade information screen in the App for the shade in question. Then, select Show Advanced Options and choose Calibrate Shade to clear and reset the upper and lower limits. The shade will run fully up and down. Do not interrupt this process.

I have to replace a PowerView® window covering with a brand new one. Will it still remain in the App even after I’ve replaced it?

If a PowerView® window covering needs to be replaced, it will be necessary to delete it from the App using the Delete Shade command found under the Show Advanced Options in the Shade Information screen. Deleting a window covering using this command purges the Hub of that window treatment’s data. If the replaced window covering is not deleted, then the App will continue to show that window covering in the various Room(s) and Scene(s) to which it was assigned. After the new window covering is installed, Discover it and assign it, as desired, to the appropriate Room(s) and Scene(s).

PowerView® Hub

What WiFi routers work best with the PowerView® Hub?

The Powerview® Hub is designed to work with consumer-grade Wi-fi routers. However, security settings or special configurations may affect communication with the Hub.

Are Hub firmware updates sent to Secondary hubs the same time the update is sent to the Primary Hub?

Hub firmware updates are automatically pushed to Secondary Hubs from the Primary Hub.

Can I change the WiFi network my PowerView® Hub is connected to?

Yes! The option to forget the current Wi-Fi network the PowerView® Hub is connected to can be found in the Hub menu of the PowerView® App. Once the current Wi-Fi network is forgotten, the Hub can be connected to a new network.

PowerView® Repeaters

Will PowerView® Repeater firmware update the same time PowerView® Hub firmware does?

Repeater firmware will update if a firmware update is pushed from the PowerView® server.

What does the repeater look like while it is receiving a firmware update?

During an update, the repeater Led will flash blue no matter what the custom color has been selected for the repeater. Once the firmware update has been completed the repeater will return to the users selected color.

Can Repeaters be used with PowerView® Projects that are remote only?

Yes! Repeaters can be paired to a PowerView® Remote created PowerView® Network. The Repeater’s LED will be turned off by default but will still flash blue when repeating PowerView® commands.

How are PowerView® Repeaters placed into the PowerView® App?

PowerView® Repeaters are placed into the PowerView® App through the Discovery process. During the Discovery process, a Repeater will be paired to the PowerView® Network. Once Discovered, Repeaters will appear in the Repeater Room in the Rooms tab.

When Repeater Discovery occurs, do the Repeaters need to be in the intended final location within a home?

No, if you’re Discovering Repeaters they do not have to be in the intended final location. However, the installer does need to ensure Repeaters are placed in a final location that ensures optimal PowerView® Network coverage.

Is there a limit to how many Repeaters can be used in a single PowerView® project?

The most Repeaters that may be on a single PowerView® project is 6 Repeaters.

Once the repeaters are Discovered can they be named?

Yes, Repeaters can be named from the menu in the PowerView® App under Accessories.

When repeaters are discovered where do they appear in the PowerView® App?

Repeaters will appear in the Repeater Room in the Rooms tab as well as the menu under Accessories.

Where in the PowerView® App may I customize the color of the Repeater LED?

The Repeater LED can be customized from the Repeater Room in the Rooms tab.

PowerView® Scene Controller

What is the PowerView® Scene Controller?

The PowerView® Scene Controller works in conjunction with the PowerView® Hub to quickly navigate and activate a personalized list of Scenes (created in the PowerView® App) directly from the hand-held Pebble® or wall-mounted Surface. PowerView® Scene Controllers require a PowerView® Hub.

What do the Favorite buttons on the PowerView® Scene Controller do?

The PowerView® Scene Controller comes with two favorite buttons. Scenes can be assigned to each favorite button for one press activation.

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